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Supported by Luminous Entertainment, Etainment Productions & MITH Entertainment


Interactive Design

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Lighting & Sound

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Live Broadcast

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The strength in collaboration Lighting Sound Visual Effects Filming  Broadcast

We have partnered with three creative production companies to create your next event, our dynamic creative hub gives you the flexibility to stand out from the background noise in your industry. Live conferencing, filming, and broadcasting virtual or hybrid events

Interactive Design
Creative Visual Experiences

MITH Entertainment

When your event needs to standout and has the budget to make this happen we partner with MITH Entertainment.
When magic becomes a reality through the use of advanced technologies.

Spectacular Visual Innovations

MITH Entertainment delivers breathtaking LED screen visuals, transforming your event into a vibrant, dynamic spectacle that captivates audiences.

Cutting-Edge Lighting Design

Experience stunning lighting effects that enhance the ambiance, creating unforgettable moments with advanced, synchronized light displays.

Mesmerising Laser Shows

Our laser shows provide dazzling, precise visual effects, adding a magical, futuristic touch to your event’s atmosphere.

Seamless Technology Integration

With MITH Entertainment, enjoy seamless integration of visual elements, ensuring a smooth, immersive experience for every attendee.

Superior Audio Solutions

Luminous Entertainment offers top-tier audio equipment, delivering crystal-clear sound for an immersive auditory experience at any event.

Expert Production Lighting

Our cutting-edge production lighting transforms venues, creating visually stunning environments that elevate the overall atmosphere and mood.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Rely on our dedicated technical support team for seamless event execution, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Technical Packages
for every budget

With Luminous our Venue can offer 3 standard Audio Visual packages designed with your budget and event in mind.
We can also tailor our solutions to your event going beyond these packages.

Audio Visual
Equipment and Expertise

Luminous Entertainment

Luminous is a boutique technical supplier of audio visual equipment, production, and event services. We specialise in private functions, corporate events, and live entertainment across Australia.

Live Broadcast
Thinking Outside of the Box


With technology changing rapidly, Etainment Productions is at the forefront developing new styles and creative techniques to maximise your message requirements and viewer impact across all media.

Innovative Brand Development

Etainment Productions crafts compelling brand narratives, using cutting-edge techniques to enhance your message and engage your audience effectively.

High-Quality Production Services

Our expert team captures your vision with professional filming, delivering exceptional visual content that resonates with viewers across all platforms.

Comprehensive Post-Production

From editing to special effects, Etainment ensures your content is polished, impactful, and ready for distribution on any medium.

Strategic Distribution

We optimize your content for radio, television, and theatrical release, extending your reach and maximizing viewer engagement across all channels.