1/135 Fitzroy Street Grand Boulevard, St Kilda, VIC 3182

Broadway Bar

16 August 2024 at 7pm - 10pm


Immerse yourself in the ambiance as the talented Stacey-Louise Camilleri takes centre stage at the piano, igniting a symphony of voices that will truly captivate. The spotlight beckons both performers and spectators, uniting them in a shared celebration of their passion for timeless Broadway classics. Will you seize the spotlight and grace us with your voice?

Enhancing this experience is our Broadway-themed bar, curating a unique cocktail for each event that pays homage to the iconic shows that have left their mark on the stage.

Circle the date on your calendar for the monthly Broadway Bar extravaganza, unfolding every third Friday of every month with the next one on 16 August. The doors swing open promptly at 6:30pm, ushering you into a world brimming with musical possibilities. At 7:00pm, prepare to be spellbound as the true magic of the evening unfolds.

No sheet music required—just bring your voice, enthusiasm, and dreams of being a Broadway star.

Admission is just $12 with an option to donate more if you wish. As for the libations, expect delightful drinks that perfectly complement the endless stream of musical theatre tunes. Could it possibly get any better?

Join us at the historic Alex Theatre, nestled in the vibrant heart of St Kilda. Here, the essence of Broadway springs to life with every note played and every sip savoured.

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