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Curtain Call Initiative
for our Theatre Family

At the Alex Theatre St Kilda, we believe in the transformative power of the arts and the importance of ensuring access for all. Our "Curtain Call" program is a heartfelt initiative designed to empower individuals and families within our theatre community by providing them with the opportunity to experience the magic of live theatre, especially during times when budget constraints may limit access.

  • See our terms and conditions for the Curtain Call program below. 

Program Objectives:

  • Empowerment: Empower individuals by investing in their access to enriching theater experiences.
  • Community Support: Foster a sense of community investment in the wellbeing and cultural enrichment of individuals.
  • Promote Emotional Wellbeing: Enhance emotional wellbeing and social inclusion through the transformative power of the arts.

Program Components:

Ticket Sponsorship:
  • Encourage patrons to “Invest in People” by sponsoring theatre tickets for individuals who may not otherwise have the means to attend.
Community Engagement:
  • Engage the community in investing collectively in the cultural enrichment and emotional wellbeing of fellow residents.
Partnership and Collaboration:
  • Collaborate with community organizations and social services to identify individuals who would benefit from the program.
Celebrating Impact:
  • Share stories and testimonials of how theatre experiences have positively impacted recipients’ lives, highlighting the tangible outcomes of community investment.


This is something new, we would love your feedback to improve it if we can. If you have suggestions email allan@vasstg.com.au (I know, the boss is looking after this project – that is how much this means to the whole Team) 

Alex Theatre St Kilda Share the Magic

Curtain Call

Tickets on offer to

  • Leaders in the Entertainment Industry with Ted Brunetti

    3 June 2024, 7pm - 9pm


Empower individuals facing financial constraints to enjoy the transformative power of the arts.


Companies Supported

  • Melbourne Shakespeare Company
  • Victorian Theatre Company
  • Stagebugs Production
  • Wolves Theatre Company
  • Melbourne Actors Lab
  • Impromptunes
  • Salty Theatre
  • The Chai Collective
  • Altitude Dance Studio
  • Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc

Emotional Wellbeing

Provide uplifting experiences for both recipients and donors, contributing to emotional wellbeing.

The Process


Before we issue you a ticket we will ask the company you note that you have worked with or are a member of their company.  

Basically we are supporting those that have supported the people we support… I know lots of love for those that support our Tribe! 

What we require to check you are entitled to this offer:

  • The Company name you are part of. (See list of Companies we currently support above on this page.)

What we require to issue tickets: 

  • First Name
  • Surname 
  • Your email address (tickets will be emailed to you)
  • A contact number
  • Number of Tickets (1 or 2)

Note: Our General Manager is looking after this offer as Allan will contact the company you note privately or the make the call to issue tickets as Allan may even know you. Tickets are issued subject to availably.