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Drew Lane is an award-winning composer and lyricist, based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a prolific composer who has written many musicals for both youth and adult casts, while also releasing albums for children, and composing music for film and television. Drew is also an arranger and music producer. 

He has composed over forty musicals, most of which have been staged. Some of them include: 

  • Marking Life (presented as part of the Festival of Broadway, overseen by Stephen Schwartz in Tasmania)
  • The Tree of Life
  • Somewhere To Fight For
  • A Different Normal
  • The Impossible Princess
  • Final Words in New Mexico, USA
  • Electric Dreams (based on the classic 1984 film, originally written by Rusty Lemorande)


Film credits include the award-winning VR horror film The Veil, the OnMe documentary, and What You Leave Behind short film. 


  • Lyrebird’s “Judge’s Award” and the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria “Excellence Award” for The Tree of Life
  • Fusion “The Seven” Award for Final Words
  • Australia Day Event Of The Year Award (Ararat Region) for Somewhere To Fight For
  • Georgie Award for The Odyessy 
  • Musical Theatre Guild of Victoria “Excellence Award” for Marketing Life
  • Best Soundtrack (twice) for The Veil


Electric Dreams: The Musical is based on the classic 1984 film, Electric Dreams, created by Rusty Lemorande. As such, the musical holds close to the original storyline, with a few extra new twists and turns!

Rather than give every moment away, here’s the synopsis: 

“Dweebish architect Miles Harding is hopelessly in love with neighbouring musician Madeline. He soon learns that Madeline already has an ardent suitor: Harding’s own computer! When the electronic device, nicknamed Edgar, begins composing love songs dedicated to Madeline, Harding passes the tunes off as his own. At this point, the envious Edgar really goes to town, taking over all the electrical appliances in Harding’s house – and dangerously meddling in its owner’s life.” – allmovie.com

The stage adaption features new twists and turns, including more active roles for the characters of Frank (Miles’ best friend), Millie (Madeline’s friend and confidant) and Bill (the heart throb of the orchestra).

Electric Dreams: The Musical also features a rousing 80’s pop/rock score with more than 20 original songs. 

Deep in the jungle is a tribe of people who exist in harmony with the nature around them. Kawana, the Queen, rules her tribe peacefuly, while teaching her daughter, Princess Konane, about the ways of her people, and the mystical Tree of Life. However, Konane is not content to simply learn: she believes she is ready to be Queen. One day, a stranger stumbles into the village and collapses. He is unknown to the tribe, yet Queen Kawana’s reaction reveals that all is not right with the stranger. 


“It’s Inside Of You” from Electric Dreams – Presented at the MC Showroom 2018 – feat. Anne Gasko and Callum Warrender