Level 1, 135 Fitzroy Street Grand Boulevard St Kilda, VIC 3182

Tech Innovation Village on Fitzroy Street



We are thrilled to present a transformative vision that will reshape Fitzroy Street into a dynamic hub of innovation, creativity, and progress. Our concept, aptly named "InnoVille: Where Innovation Thrives," envisions the creation of a thriving tech start-up incubator village, inspired by the spirit of Silicon Valley. InnoVille will bring together disruptive, creative science and technology start-ups, fostering an environment that challenges conventions and drives change.

Creative Disruption

InnoVille envisions a thriving nexus of innovation, nurturing unconventional ideas to reshape industries. A launchpad for pioneers, forging tomorrow's advancements through collaborative creativity.

Why a Theatre

Germinating within theatre fuels unconventional thinking. The blend of creativity and tech creates a unique innovation hub where ideas flourish beyond boundaries.

Let's shape the future together at InnoVille!

InnoVille is more than a concept

It’s a vision with the power to reshape Fitzroy Street’s landscape, attract top-tier tech talent, and fuel economic growth. By creating a holistic ecosystem that embraces creative disruption, fosters innovation, and provides tangible benefits to property owners, start-up owners, and the local council, we envision a future where InnoVille stands as a testament to the potential of collaboration and visionary thinking. Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the transformation.

For inquiries and partnerships, contact us at allan@vasstg.com.au or 0477 640 552.

Let’s shape the future together at InnoVille!