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Jye Bryant


Jye Bryant is a Sydney-based, Australian Musical Theatre Composer, Lyricist, Producer and Author with a passion for Theatre, Education and Social Justice. His works are performed regularly on cabaret circuits all over the world, where he has gained popularity as the composer of choice for many high profile international artists and theatre companies. 

Jye’s most well-known musical, The Things I Could Never Tell Steven, has had 11 international seasons including the National Theatre of Parramatta (2020), Pride Arts Chicago (2021), Northwestern State University of Louisiana (2022) and Belfast’s Outside The Lines Theatre Company (2019).

Some of his other work includes: Captain Moonlite (2020 & 2023), Sempre Libera (2019 & 2020) The Oldest Profession (2016), The Velveteen Rabbit (2013), In Bed With Jye (& Friends) (2012), Rainbow Tears (2007), Aladdin Goes To Africa (2007), Peter Pan (2006), Cinderella Meets Her Prince (2005), Sleeping Beautifully (2004) and many more. 


Created by Jye Bryant 

Steven’s family must desperately compete for his attention. As wife, mother, father and lover each come to terms with hidden feelings of betrayal, anguish, frustration and fears, we learn about Steven and the secret that will tear the family apart.

Audiences will laugh, squirm and cry with the musical rollercoaster of the modern dysfunctional family. The Buzz from Sydney calls it “an emotional roller coaster that powers between comedy and intense drama…” while Theatre Haus describes it as “a piece of theatre that is real, raw and engaging, and it makes for an evocative evening of the best kind of theatre.”

Book by Margery Williams

Script by Jeannie Melinz

Music & Lyrics by Jye Bryant

When a little boy receives a toy velveteen rabbit for Christmas, it quickly becomes the boy’s much-loved, favourite toy. But soon more modern, mechanical and wind-up toys steal the boy’s attention, and the soft, cuddly, fluffy-tailed velveteen rabbit is tossed aside in the nursery. There the velveteen rabbit befriends the old and wise toy Skin Horse, who explains what it means to be loved and what it means to be real. Despite setbacks, neglect and criticism from the other toys, Velveteen Rabbit discovers that nursery magic happens when you stay true to yourself.

Created by Jye Bryant 

The show is a one-act (90 min) musical featuring five (5) men that tells the captivating true story of the Irish-born, Australian gay bushranger, Captain Moonlite, AKA Andrew ‘George’ Scott, who led a ragged bunch of young misfits to stage a siege and shoot-out near Gundagai, NSW.

The musical is set in a death cell of Sydney’s Darlinghurst Gaol on the eve of Captain Moonlite’s execution in 1880. We hear (told directly from his unsent and previously suppressed death cell letters) about the events that led up to his execution including the birth of the Captain Moonlite legend, the alleged bank robbery and the siege and shoot out that led to the death of his male lover and fellow outlaw, James Nesbitt.

“The musical runs for about ninety minutes with no interval but the time just seemed to fly as the audience was absorbed in the storyline so completely. Captain Moonlite was well written, very well directed with a strong cast to create a great night at the theatre.” – Stage Whispers

Created by Jye Bryant

Orchestrations by John Tweed

Set on one tumultuous evening in early 1929, Mother May’s is a nightly burlesque show and club where punters can pay to spend time with one of Mother May’s girls after the show. The owner, madam and mistress of ceremonies, Mother May, energises the audience with bawdy humour and sassy audience interactions, however, backstage – away from the risqué performances for the punters – the women work through their own personal life struggles. From escaping a violent ex-lover to pursuing implausible dreams of becoming a famous movie star, Mother May’s girls are more than the superficial, burlesque-style performances they put on to satisfy and appease the wealthy male punters.