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Conor Neylon and Jackson Peele are a passionate, up-and-coming Australian Musical  Theatre writing duo. Their work ‘The Beep Test,’ has won multiple awards including the  Green Room Award for ‘Best New Australian Music Theatre Writing,’ the ‘Best  Performance Ensemble,’ at Melbourne Fringe and the Julie Michael Cabaret Award. They recently presented a showcase of their songs at Chapel of Chapel titled ‘The Songs of  Neylon & Peele and in 2021 presented a sold out season of their musical ‘The House On  Fire at The Edge of The World’ with Theatreworks. They have created four musicals and are determined to make the kinds of shows and stories they want to see on the Australian stage!


‘The class of Year 7C have been training hard for the annual Beep Test!’ 

‘The Beep Test‘ is a comedic, fast-paced, over the top new Australian musical that dives  into the drama and chaos that was school Beep Tests. The musical follows four determined  students and one far too enthusiastic PE Teacher of class 7C as they compete for the  number one place whatever the cost! 

“It is an exceptional fun hour of comedy…” – My Melboure Arts 

“The Beep Test is heart-warming, side-splitting, mostly clean, good-natured fun.” – See Saw Magazine 

“I laughed, smiled and even found myself feeling a little emotional…” – Perth Happenings



Julie Michael Cabaret Award – WAAPA (WINNER) 


Martin Sims Award – Perth Fringe (NOMINATED) 


Best Performance Ensemble – Melbourne Fringe (WINNER)

Best Theatre – Melbourne Fringe (NOMINATED)


Weekly Award Winner, Theatre and Physical Theatre – Adelaide Fringe (WINNER)

Best New Australian Musical Theatre Writing – Green Room Awards (WINNER)

Best Ensemble – Green Room Awards (NOMINATED) 

Best Music Direction, Conor Neylon – Green Room Awards (NOMINATED)

Best Supporting Actor, Josh Reckless – Green Room Awards (NOMINATED)

Beau Wants to Be A Billionaire is a quintessential Australian comedy musical that explores  themes of fame, family and loss. Throughout the musical our protagonist Beau, who is  having trouble coping with the death of his ex-girlfriend (something not revealed until the  second half of Act Two), is led to believe he can escape his grief and guilt by winning the  next season of the extravagant game show ‘Who Wants to Be A Billionaire.’ 

The work explores themes pertinent to us as young Australians: Australian  masculinity, coping with mental illness, love, loss, guilt, family, friendship and reality  television as a form of instant gratification. It is influenced strongly by the work of Stephen  Sondheim and the faustian tragedy. Within the work Beau is forced to face his past and  ultimately acknowledge that the superficial dream of becoming the next Billionaire is  ultimately causing more pain for him and the people around him. 


‘Kate, Gus & The Other Kids’ is an unconventional musical comedy, with an alternative  Australian indie rock/pop score. It follows brother and sister, Kate and Gus, and their  respective journeys. Gus, as he tries to make his band hit the ‘big time’. And Kate, as she  looks for an escape from an unfulfilling life and finds love in unlikely rival bandleader  Lilac.  

Packed to the brim with Australian satire, conflict and charm, ‘Kate, Gus and The Other  Kids’ dips its toes in the world of lust, masculinity, betrayal, having a chilla and sinking tinnies. All in one night… with tasty musical underscoring… 

‘The House on Fire at The Edge of the World’ is an ambient folk-rock musical that shares  elements of the musicals ‘Once,’ ‘Hadestown’ and the tale of ‘Alice’s Adventures in  Wonderland.’ It follows a young woman’s journey into an escapist fantasy and back,  combining song, dance, storytelling and stagecraft to celebrate the power of imagination  and lust for life in the darkest of times.