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Supporting New Work

Alex Theatre 2023 development season


Supporting the development of new works like METAMUSE, created by Luca Dinardo with original music by Louis Edwards is crucial for several reasons.

First and foremost, new works offer an opportunity for innovation and artistic exploration. They provide a platform for choreographers, composers, and performers to push the boundaries of their craft and present fresh perspectives. METAMUSE, with its emphasis on Jazz dance and the embodiment of different instruments by each dancer, showcases a unique and exciting approach to movement and sound. By supporting such works, we foster creativity and contribute to the evolution of the art form.

Furthermore, highlighting the relationship between movement and sound in METAMUSE serves to elevate dance as a standalone art form within the Musical Theatre world. While dance is often an integral part of musical productions, it is essential to recognize its significance and give it a spotlight of its own. By placing dance at the forefront, METAMUSE brings attention to the power of movement to convey emotions, tell stories, and captivate audiences in its own right.

Understanding the impact of dance on a performance is crucial. Dance has the ability to enhance the storytelling, create atmosphere, and elevate the emotional resonance of a piece. In the context of Musical Theatre, dance adds depth and texture to the overall production, enriching the audience’s experience. By supporting works like METAMUSE, we acknowledge the importance of dance in creating well-rounded and impactful performances.

Moreover, considering the historical context of Jazz dance adds another layer of significance. Jazz dance has a rich and diverse history, by continuing to explore and innovate within this genre, works like METAMUSE pay homage to the foundations of Jazz dance while infusing it with contemporary creativity. This connection to history honours the legacy of Jazz dance and ensures its continued relevance and growth.

Supporting new works like METAMUSE is vital for fostering artistic innovation, recognising the value of dance within the Musical Theatre world, understanding the impact of dance on a performance, and celebrating the history and evolution of Jazz dance. By investing in new creations and providing a platform for artists to express themselves, we contribute to the vibrancy and advancement of the performing arts landscape.

METAMUSE is onstage at the Alex Theatre on June 1, 2 & 3 2023

For more information visit https://alextheatre.au/metamuse

Proudly supported by Vass Productions.

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