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The Art hunter

100th Show

100th Show

14 November 2023


Our Host: David Hunt

Producer: Simon Barnett

Production Company:  Etainment

Join us for an unexpected twist in The Art Hunter’s journey – our monumental 100th episode is about to grace the screens of Channel 31! From our humble beginnings to our global crusade in nurturing the arts, this is a milestone worth commemorating. And we want YOU to be part of this extraordinary celebration!

Imagine this: The Art Hunter, who has ventured far and wide in pursuit of artistic brilliance, has summoned a remarkable assembly of 100 guests he once interviewed. They’ll grace the stage, sharing captivating stories of their artistic escapades since their initial rendezvous. While a handful might be scattered across the globe, enrapturing audiences, showcasing their exhibitions, or gracing the silver screen, their spirit will be right here with us.

Prepare to be enthralled by riveting performances, engaging interviews, and the sheer magic of creativity. And that’s not all – an enchanting art auction will add to the festivities. Let’s come together and raise a toast to the arts!

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 14th, as the celebration kicks off at 6:30 pm, right here at the bar in our home at the Alex Theatre St Kilda. Your presence will make this a truly unforgettable evening.

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