Level 1, 135 Fitzroy Street Grand Boulevard St Kilda, VIC 3182

Building a Sustainable Future

One Venue at a Time

Where Innovation Meets Environmental Excellence


Integrate an education component into the facility, creating a natural Eco-system for learning.


Combining environmental awareness while being a sustainable, equitable and creative space.


To create a better future for the generations to come by engaging the wider community.

The Living Venue


  1. create a negative carbon footprint facility
  2. develop positive environmental practices and systems
  3. decrease the operational costs of facilities
  4. create environmental education centres around cultural facilities
  5. remove venues like the Alex Theatre from the national energy grid

In 2015 Aleksandar Vass OAM set up the Alex Theatre project to create a model for compact boutique commercial performance spaces that would not only act as hubs in communities for the Arts but innovative spaces to develop ‘Off Broadway’ productions and innovation in the Arts.

The project was set up as a 10-year trial to develop best practice in venue solutions with our overall mission in mind.

Theatre Green Book

We’re living in a climate crisis. The Green Book is an initiative by the whole of theatre in the UK – working with sustainability experts Buro Happold – to work more sustainably. In three volumes it sets standards for making productions sustainably, for making theatre buildings sustainable, and for improving operations like catering and front of house. 

If theatre is to be part of the most vital conversation humanity faces, then it has to change its practice. The Theatre Green Book sets out the path to a sustainable future.