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Alex Theatre St Kilda

Developing new ways of using technology in performance

Development of technology for live production

The Red Brick Wall

With the integration of technology developed in gaming and telecommunications, new methods of dealing with the staging of entertainment productions are becoming a reality. We have seen this technology revolutionise film and now we are translating this for the stage.

There is now technology that not only cuts through the 4th wall of performance but time itself.

Magic in production

Our innovation crosses film, stage & gaming technology to develop, and implement content for the enjoyment of audiences.

Technical Creatives

We are supported by the creative nature within the hearts and minds of our technical creatives. Without whom this project would not exist.

Investing in tomorrow

'Early adopters | speed to market | rapid prototyping | the consumer-driven market' - the time to invest in the creation of new content is now.

The Vision

The convergence of gaming, film, and telecommunications technology on stage enables the creation of hybrid immersive experiences.

Augmenting the reality of the audience and creating strategic value in the presentation of a product to market.


Capturing a performer/performance, development of physical staging, real-time motion capture, overlaying virtual assets and worlds.


Traditional models, broadcast, virtual environments, being able to deliver content and create new ways for the audience to socially interact has now become a reality.

The Audience

Traditional models, broadcast, virtual environments, being able to deliver content and create new ways for the audience to socially interact has now become a reality.


Strengthening exciting markets while developing new larger platforms to disseminate content to audiences based on their personal tastes and desires.

In Development

Road Map

Every project requires a spark of energy that starts the thought process, and ours dates back to a dark night on highway 29 just out of Te Poi at a deserted t-intersection at the base of the Kaimai’s in the Waikato New Zealand.

On this night as our first characters in this story were returning home they witnessed a red brick wall appear on the road in front of their vehicle. They stopped suddenly and when their gaze refocused on the road ahead of them the red wall had disappeared and their car had come to rest at the edge of an embankment where the t-intersection crossed.

Their lives were saved and the story begins…

This project is based on a true story. 


Experimental development of 5G technology to enhanced re-mastering Analogue Theatre technologies with Augmented Reality & Digital Prototyping Test-bed systems.

The core objectives of the project were developed with an ambitious desire to amalgamate technologies designed for the telecommunications and emerging systems sectors into theatre practices.

This was the beginning of IP development within the project.

This was scoped and designed by Enhanced Business Solutions Limited (NZ) and EPA International.

The first project scope was created based on the core objectives.

A start-up team was moved to Melbourne from Sydney and set to work within the Alex Theatre Project in the City of Port Melbourne.

Detailed documentation of the project begun and review protocols were set in place.

In March 2020 COVID broke out in Melbourne impacting the operations of the Alex Theatre Project.

With extended lockdowns causing growing concern within our sector the focus on broadcast development was scoped, and then the second lockdown occurred and the technical creative team expanded.

Members joined the project in both Sydney and Melbourne across a wide range of technical disciplines.

The project became a technical creative hub.

Our founders were set in place:

  • MITH Entertainment
  • Pro Screens
  • Vass Theatre Group

Others gathered like moths to a wall of 4k LED screens.

Lead by Etainment, Theatre 2 of the Alex Theatre was converted into a live broadcast studio.

4k LED screens were built like a red brick wall to allow creative backdrops to be designed to enhance studio staging.

5 x 4k Blackmagic camera and a broadcast studio system was designed and then installed, lead by Tim Barnett the Founding Executive Director of Dockland Studios.

Mentoring and knowledge with passion is at the heart of this build and the development of art-based programming followed.

This is managed by Simon Barnett our Executive TV Producer.

Research and development into gaming integration started with larger 4k studio testbeds being built and the testing of Unreal Engine and other technologies started, focusing on reverse engineering film projects already using this technology.

The team moved into the main studio and a full 360 4k LED test studio was built.

After film testing was completed in the virtual studio this was dismantled and rebuilt into the impressive virtual Pro Screen studio for testing and development of film and theatrical augmented production content.

Extraordinary Learning Experiences (XLX) and the Bad Idea Factory joined to further work into VR/AR/XR/MR development.

Sorry, you will have to follow the development of our secret source coding via London Tech Week.  Monitor advances being made in 5G tech, and as a matter of interest make sure you are across Li-fi Technology also.

The light switch will go on and our first photon will be fired to create the framework to return to the beginning of our story, our spark so to speak.

Integration of new tech into theatre productions requires theatre productions to be developed and staged.

Our platform will be within the Alex Theatre Company, the professional repertory musical theatre company supported by Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc and Vass Productions to stage commercial Off-Broadway & Westend styled shows.

New theatrical work requires to be developed and an incubator for the translation of stories into our theatrical staging will be set up.

Our focus will be on reopening the Alex Theatre project due to the impact of lockdowns and rebuilding live performances

Monitor events at https://alextheatre.au

… the story continues in the development of an interactive story lab… more to come.