Level 1, 135 Fitzroy Street Grand Boulevard St Kilda, VIC 3182

Tickets to shows at the Alex Theatre St Kilda


You can book online via www.alextheatre.au

Special needs only – 03 9964 0918  – all other tickets are to be booked online

In Person
The Alex Theatre box office – Open 1 hour prior to any performance (Note: only available for some events when noted on the event landing page from 2020, moving forward all tickets are sold online.)

Conditions of Sale

Please read the Terms and Conditions for the sale of tickets through the Alex Theatre website for events and performances at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda.

Babes in Arms Policy

Alex Theatre St Kilda is a family-friendly environment; however, we do encourage guests to consider the suitability of productions for babies.
Children over the age of 2 (24 months) are required to have a valid ticket and an individual seat.
Children who are under the age of 2 may enter the auditorium at no cost and sit on the lap of the parent or guardian. It is recommended that guests with “babes in arms” choose an aisle seat in case the infant becomes restless or needs to exit the auditorium at any time.

Booster seats are available on request before entering the auditorium.

When bringing a minor to the Alex Theatre St Kilda, please be aware of the following issues:

  • Prams are not suitable to be brought into the theatres; & they can be stored in the foyer. Please speak to our friendly ushers should you need your pram stored.
  • Children/minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Trip hazards, row spacing, stairs, steep rakes, and lack of light in the auditorium during a performance can be particularly hazardous when carrying an infant in the theatre;
  • Some events may have production elements (loud sounds, bright lighting, etc.) that could cause distress to some minors.
  • Alex Theatre St Kilda is a licenced venue.

If a child becomes distressed or disruptive to other guests, you may be asked by venue staff to vacate the auditorium. Re-admittance will be possible at a suitable time during the performance.

The safety and comfort of children and other patrons is of high importance. In the interest of ensuring that everyone can enjoy events in a safe & comfortable environment, we ask that you consider the above matters before booking your tickets.

Some events have a lockout policy; this means that once the event has started, patrons will not be admitted to the theatre until a suitable moment in the performance (as determined by the promoter).
To avoid being locked out, please allow enough time to collect your tickets (if you have elected box office collection) before taking your seat/s.
Our friendly staff will advise the most suitable time for entry to the auditorium.