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A Lock Down Project

Zombie State

Victorians Unite

Believe in Yourself

Victorians Unite

The Alex Zombie Theatre Team lockdown statement…
“you thought we were going crazy before COVID hit town – strap in for the weeks ahead you ain’t seen nothing yet, the ‘Zombie State’ project is underway!”

The rest of the country may be looking at us with fear and trembling but know we are in this together fellow Victorians.

We are creative, talented, and slightly better looking than the rest of the country, so let us unite as Team Victoria, all 6.6 million of us, and we will make it through the lockdown together.

Our Groans of action Victoria is to be creative today within this apocalypse, join us and show every other state how creative we can be…


Want to become a member of The Horde?

Embrace the Zombie within

We created this website to connect with creative people in a time when connecting is harder than ever. Victoria maybe be segregated from the rest of the country, but that won’t stop us! We want to unite the zombies with a number of projects to get us through the COVIDpocalypse.


Zombies are cool! 

Freedom - Project is on hold

Have you been creative today?

Damn it let's make a movie about this... a zombie movie... Send us your ideas we are going to get even more creative or crazy, whichever happens first! If you want to join team Alex and help to make the implausible dream into a reality; a zombie movie called 'State Border Control' please contact us via email or Facebook, we want to hear from you! We love you Victoria and we are here for you... ok we can no longer go anywhere but the sentiment of the statement is so meant at the moment. United we will stand, as Zombies we will live on forever on the silver screen or maybe even on Netflix!


The Zombie State web series is a community collaborative show, where the audience is able to decide the direction of the storyline in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style.


On Hold for now... Celebrating the Apocalypse for now but things could changes as we are only a lockdown away form going nuts once again!